2022 Grand Marshals

The Lakeview Veterans’ Day Parade is proud to announce as its Grand Marshals for 2019 All Veterans of the Second World War.  From combat veterans on the front lines in Europe or the Pacific to the sailors patrolling the oceans to men and women carrying on the war effort at home, the Lakeview Veterans’ Day Parade honors you for your selfless service to our country in its hour of greatest need.

Only 496,777 of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II remain with us today, and it is our duty to continue to honor and remember the sacrifices.  So whether you were a GI on the road to Berlin or a grunt island hopping your way to Tokyo; whether you were working in the crucial Merchant Marine or riveting together the equipment that won the war; whether you were a clerk or typist or nurse for the WACS, WAVES, WASPS, and SPARS or a wife at home rationing your goods and leading recycling drives, we want to honor you and your sacrifice.