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The Lakeview Veterans’ Day Parade has been proud to partner with K9s for Warriors, helping to provide service canines for our veterans returning home who suffer from post-traumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injury as a result of military service post 9/11. Their goal is to give “a new leash on life” to rescue dogs and military heroes, empowering warriors to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.

Service canines, properly trained, are a profound alternative for recovery from PTSD and TBI.  For three weeks the warriors live at the K9s for Warriors facility in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida where they train with their dog.  K9s for Warriors provides a rescued shelter dog, canine and warrior training, certification, equipment, seminars, vet care, and most meals and housing free of charge during training.  K9s for Warriors has graduated over 200 Warrior-Canine teams.

The primary source of dogs is from shelters, rescue organizations, private donors, and breeders.  Labrador and Golden Retrievers, and retriever mixes have the best temperament and desire to please for service dog work.  After review of a dog’s history and vitals, good canine candidates are evaluated in person by a trainer for its personality, sociability, train-ability, obedience knowledge, manners, etc. Dogs showing any sign of aggression or severe anxiety issues are immediately declined.

Sponsors fund K9s For Warriors operating expenses, and 100% of donations go straight to Warrior-Canine programs.

A Toast to Our Heroes”  has been the New Orleans fundraiser for K9s For Warriors, and we are looking forward to it returning very soon and promoting it through our parade and our website.